Problem with the durations in playing external streams

hello, I’m trying tu use Libretime to manage a new DAB+ radio station : World Radio Radio Normandy Caen. I have to alternate local shows (5 in a day) end external streaming (always the same url but not always the same duration). How I have ton configure this streaming ? Create differents streamings with the different durations? ou create juste one streaming with a standart duration? Today I see the external streaming come to cut my local program… Thanks for your help!


I recommend you to create a different webstream for each of the different remote shows you are planning to stream, and never change there length (consider them immutable, they are like files if you change one, create a new one).

They are some bugs where a webstream that has been edited in length could play on the next show you scheduled (it will go back and forth by streaming your show and the webstream).

You can browse the Github issue tracker, you will find a few bug reports about webstreams, they are a bit annoying.