Pending Import - forever

First time install here…
Yes I realize this subject has been posted as recently as '21 and it points to solutions from '17. I’m guessing those are out of date.
I’m running Ubuntu Studio 20.04 (not 22.04) keeping inline with the ubuntu requirements.
Both mp3 and ogg files are just stuck in pending import.
This distro install liquidsoap v1.4.1

I saw where the version of liquidsoap might be an issue.
Is that still the case?
Can I just use apt to downgrade it?


Could you provide more details/logs/links ?


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Yeah, sorry that wasn’t very useful when asking for help.
From the Status screen:

LibreTime Version 3.0.2
Service Description Status
Postgres PDO and PostgreSQL libraries
Database Database configuration for LibreTime
RabbitMQ RabbitMQ configuration for LibreTime
Media Analyzer LibreTime media analyzer service
Pypo LibreTime playout service
Liquidsoap LibreTime liquidsoap service
Celery LibreTime Celery Task service
API LibreTime API service
Disk Space
Disk #1
124.5GB of 2014.3GB
6.2% in use
All systems green.
Logs Captured during import.

Just a weekend warrior here trying to help out an NPO. Any help would be appreciated even if you think it’s obvious.

As to reproduce, I’ve tried both drag and drop and the file open dialog.

Okay, never mind. It was my web application firewall that was causing the import to fail. Didn’t find out which specific setting, just went from basic profile to none for the import and back when done.

Now it’s on to figuring out how to get my simple icecast stream to work on all platforms… :confused: