Paying for LibreTime self-hosted dev/server support

We have been using Libretime for a few years. Our Support host has changed and I am wondering if this is a space to find sysop/dev support when needed.
That is, people who are really familier with the system and could potentially be quicker with any upgrades and fixes. Also, someone who could help with hosting, setup and maintenance.

I am wondering if the cost of that, over the course of a year, might be less than going commericial (i.e. airtime - currently USD$1000 to $1200/year). We like LT and are very familiar with it as users, not sysops.

Furthermore, we do use a lot of HD space but don’t have the listeners to warrant the proportinate price plan of Airtime. So wondering if we could have the familiarity, with more flexibility (self-hosted) for more economical and effective service?

Trying to weigh it up.

Thanks in Advance