Opus not working

Using Icecast 2.4.2 and Opus shows under stream options but when selected it simply waits to connect and fails to do so. I suspect I am missing something. Any pointers/suggestions as to what the issue may be ?

Check your airtime-liquidsoap logs under pypo-liquidsoap.

I have just done a new install of LT on a VPS running Ubuntu 18. Icecast version installed is 2.4.3

Opus does not work. How do I get it to work ?

The logs were mentioned previously. How do I find/locate them to see where the issue is ?

It would probably be related to liquidsoap support for opus. I’d look for the logs in /var/log/airtime/pypo/pyp-liquidsoap.

Does this point the way ?

2020/11/11 23:15:59 >>> LOG START
2020/11/11 23:15:59 [protocols.external:3] Found “/usr/bin/wget”.
2020/11/11 23:15:59 [main:3] Liquidsoap 1.1.1
2020/11/11 23:15:59 [main:3] Using: graphics=[distributed with Ocaml] pcre=7.2.3 dtools=0.3.1 duppy=0.5.1 duppy.syntax=0.5.1 cry=0.2.2 mm=0.2.1 xmlplaylist=0.1.3 lastfm=0.3.0 ogg=0.4.5 vorbis=0.6.1 opus=0.1.0 speex=0.2.0 mad=0.4.4 flac=0.1.1 flac.ogg=0.1.1 dynlink=[distributed with Ocaml] lame=0.3.2 shine=0.2.0 gstreamer=0.2.0 frei0r=0.1.0 voaacenc=0.1.0 theora=0.3.0 gavl=0.1.5 bjack=0.1.4 alsa=0.2.3 ao=0.2.0 samplerate=0.1.2 taglib=0.3.1 magic=0.7.3 camomile=0.8.4 inotify=1.0 faad=0.3.2 soundtouch=0.1.7 portaudio=0.2.0 pulseaudio=0.1.2 ladspa=0.1.4 dssi=0.1.1 sdl=0.9.1 camlimages=4.2.0 lo=0.1.0 yojson=1.3.2 gd=1.0a5
2020/11/11 23:15:59 [dynamic.loader:3] Could not find dynamic module for fdkaac encoder.
2020/11/11 23:15:59 [dynamic.loader:3] Could not find dynamic module for aacplus encoder.

Are the notes here relevant and of use ?