Can Not Login to Libretime after install SSL Certbot

Hello friends! Sorry for my english! These days I installed Libretime on a Debian 11 and everything went well. At first I couldn’t log in, but searching here in the community I was able to add the CORS URL (*) to my libretime.conf file and I was able to log in normally. So I moved on to the next step which was to add a certificate. Everything went well and Certbot made some changes to libretime.conf. Libretime normally opens the home screen with https, but I can’t log in, I’m stuck on the Oops! I tried using the reverse proxy settings found on the Libretime installation page, but I get a 502 error. I would appreciate some help if possible! I thank! PS: I haven’t installed a certificate on the Icecast yet, not sure if that could be it!