OnAir Wordpress Plugin

For our radio, we use airtime (v2.5.2) and Wordpress with the Onair2 theme.

We are using a wp plugin which connected to the airtime API, displays what is on the air and retrieves the image of the show.

The code is here: https://github.com/OliCat/onair-wp-plugin

A plugin that displays the week’s program on the same principle would undoubtedly be interesting.
Feel free to contribute to the existing code :slight_smile:

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We’re using a shortcode plugin “Insert PHP Code Snippet” https://wordpress.org/plugins/insert-php-code-snippet/ and some custom code to generate our weekly schedule: https://radiowaterloo.ca/schedule

After today’s Dev conference I’ll post the code…

I’m also working on a “week-info-2-ics” script, so you can view the schedule in any iCal conformant calendar, but that hasn’t progressed beyond the thinking stage yet.


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Not yet possible with LibreTime since there’s not yet a stable API? There might be some potential for integration with the Radio Station plugin. See Planning out an API


The plugin was written for our wordpress theme but it’s necessarily adaptable. Besides, it also works with current versions of LibreTime.


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Thanks for sharing this. This is cool.

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Is this supposed to appear as a widget when enabled? Would be ideal if WordPress could pull in additional data via the API

Better yet, integration with a player, similar to OnAir2/Pro.Radio - https://pro.radio/theme-features/radio-player/

Hello @gusaus , it appears as a plugin not a widget. It is possible via wordpress to retrieve any information from the API. We are currently looking for a developer to create a calendar plugin and also improve the player.

Thanks OliCat

I downloaded and enabled the plugin to test - it wasn’t clear how to use or where the settings can be accessed.

These would be addons to the same plugin? If yes, I’d recommend taking a look at what @djtonyz is planning for the Radio station plugin and possibly contributing to that effort.

This related issue in the Radio Station plugin queue references MetaRadio. Curious how many LibreTime folks use or are aware of their service/plugin.