Metadata question

Hey there - okay, new thing: what’s up with the metadata not properly showing?

On the microsite, I’ve got tunes being played but only part of the title is displayed.

In addition, how can I display (somewhere) the description field for podcast episodes? These are imported automatically and show up in the tracks list, but I can’t seem to get them to show in the “now playing” area.

Any advice welcome!

My site is btw. You’ll see the playlist name and track name, but it’s not the entire track name.

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You are right, this is something that needs to be improved. Another bug I detected is that sometimes the metadata does not change from show to show…

This relies, i think, on how pypo is sending track information to icecast.
One of my goal is to understand the code and how liquidsoap is used and some day, try to update or enable certain funcionality!

The current way to show all metadata is to go on the “Settings” page and enable “Show - Artist - Song” label.

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