Login Not Found

I just spun up a Digital Ocean droplet using Ubuntu 16.04 and installed LibreTime via git clone. Everything seemingly went fine, but now that the server is up and running, I am unable to log in or otherwise use LibreTime:

As this is my first experience using LibreTime, I’m uncertain how to proceed. Any help/advice would be greatly appreciated.

Did you run ./install -fiap (this will avoid all prompts) - it seems like your Apache might not have been set-up correctly.

An Apache issue was my guess, but I’ve been unable to locate it. I just ran the install without any flags and selected the default for all prompts. I’ll try a -fiap install later today and see how that goes.

Oddly, that worked (under 14.04.5). I have no idea why that worked when simply running through the install did not, but it did work. Thanks.

Sounds like you need to reboot the server…

Or the command line script didn’t process input correctly.