Live show auto disconnect not working

Just did a fresh install of 3.0.0-alpha.13 on Ubuntu 20

Using BUTT for live shows we have found that butt is not automatically disconnected when the show comes to an end, as it has done in all previous versions of LibreTime. Any clues as to a fix for this ?

There is a setting that allow to auto disable the source when the client disconnect from it. See in the stream settings.

These are the settings we have always used.

What occurs is that 1 live hosts time slot ends with there still being a slight trace of red showing where it says show source. It is not fully connected but also appears to be not fully disconnected either. The next host arrives and can not access libretime. We reboot it and it works again.

Could it be caused by using a v old version of BUTT or something similar ?

Oh this seem like the previous host is not kicked out from the input stream. The schedule events generation code is currently duplicate in legacy php code and another python app. Not all features (kick out events in our case) in the php code are in the python code. This might be the cause of this.

What would be awesome, is that you open a an issue on the bug tracker with all the details of your schedule, and behaviors.

Issue reference Missing input stream kick events from playout schedule generation · Issue #2084 · libretime/libretime · GitHub