Butt - connect: invalid user/password!

I am struggling with how connect Butt to Libretime.

connect: invalid user/password!

I have tried every user password I have including the Icecast2 password.
I have watched the youtube videos and followed the instructions

LibreTime Tutorial : How to administer the stream settings page

LibreTime - how to live stream your show

Can someone tell,me where am I going wrong please?

Older versions of Butt were incompatible with Airtime & LibreTime, make sure you are using the latest version.

I have tested Ubuntu 20.4 get-apt repo version Butt 0.1.18, Centos yum install version 0.1.20 & lastly the Mac 0.1.29 version, all with the same result on 3 different machines.

I have checked that ports 8001 & 8002 are open on my cloud server.

Which user profiles have the right to livestream? In the Show Source settings, there is no user definition but Butt asks for one.
I must confess that I have tried all the profiles with the same result.

Thanks for your thoughts.

Show profiles only have the right to stream on shows where they have been given DJ permissions via edit show on the calendar. You have to check their name.

Also there is a master stream user that you can set under stream settings. If that works then the issue is with permissions and not Butt. I think those are new enough versions to not have the bug.

To clarify for me (and maybe for others), the Butt login user must correspond to the active show DJs. I did not understand what the importance of attributing DJs in the Who menu of the Calendar / Show menu.

So I managed to get it to work with DJ accounts active. But it begs a second question:
How can I have the Butt connected to server before the show starts with out using the master source Live account ? I was only able to login using a DJ account associated to the time slot, once the time slot had started. Is there a way to check the connection is good through Libretime, before going ON AIR?

Thank you so much for all your help

This is a challenge as there is no easy way of doing that with the current codebase. You could for instance setup a separate test server and sync the database section for the username and password and setup 1 24 hour show that all DJs have access too. This is a bit of overkill, but the only real way to test it at the moment is to have it go live. The idea of a test stream built into LibreTime is a good one but I don’t think it is a high priority item. It would require a bit of coding and at the moment nobody is working on LibreTime full-time.

As far as the master source vs show source - the master source will always override the show/DJ source, but I believe you can manually enable or disable one of the streams via the slider at the top.

So, how do you setup live shows that don’t have dead time at the beginning during the connection process?

Easiest way to do this is to have someone watch the clock on the libretime page to know when they can connect and to have something kind of scheduled that they will override. Not the most elegant of solutions but workable.

Sadly, it is a rather brutal way of arriving live.
Maybe adding a fader to the Source Streams tab next to the LIVE button might be a consideration to compliment of just the switch.
I am sure this is easier written than intergrated.

It might not be that hard to implement using liquidsoap. It certainly is a good idea.

I am using a TOTH jingle so the dj can connect during that jingle. It is maybe not the most practical solution but it works for us.