Auto disconnect of a show connection

Hi does anyone know how to automactially cut a live show feed (not master) when their schedulled time ends ? Currently once they connect it will stay connected until they disconnect and sometimes that means the next show cant connect or if its a recoreded show it starts but is not going out.

Any help appreiciated!


We seem to be having the same issue under 3.1.0. In our previous version it worked flawlessly. Now I am told it does not even though I have Auto Disconnect checked in the Settings page.

I hope you get an answer.

just for the records:
live source auto disconnect also fails on a fresh 3.2.0 / Ubuntu 20.04LTS

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There has to be a fix for this? Else what’s the point I may as well just hand out the master connection details and prey that they use them properly! Showtime connections should work automatically at start AND finish times - Latest version of LT on Ubuntu 20

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Any movement here? I see it’s marked as a bug in GitHub but nothing after that. I would think this would be a higher priority than it seems to be.

Anything the developers could look at pls ?