LibreTime participation in Hacktoberfest?

Have LibreTime maintainers considered participating in Hacktoberfest?

Seems like an excellent way to raise awareness and get more folks involved with the project.

Also could be some opportunities to contribute at Hacktoberfest events!

Looks cool, so participants who commit 4 PRs will get a T-shirt and we can gain some publicity for the project right ?

Looks like there could be additional perks for hosting or participating at Hacktoberfest events

I’m trying to drum up interest in the latter

Turns out one of the main organizers is in Open Collective Slack. It’s easy to participate and it wouldn’t limit us from running campaigns similar to on our improved collective

I think this would be a great opportunity to move forward with some of these feature requests

I’m cool with the idea.

Gus do you want to sign up LibreTime or does it require someone with more official credentials to fill out the form. If you can do it feel free to sign us up, otherwise let us know.

Maintainers of OSS projects don’t have to register. They just label appropriate tasks Hacktoberfest and adhere to the process laid out here -

These are the Recommendations for creating a good Hacktoberfest issue in your project:

Apply the “Hacktoberfest” label to issues in your GitHub project that are ready for new contributors to work on.
● Add a file with contribution guidelines to your repo.
● Choose issues that have a well-defined scope and are self-contained.
● Adopt a code of conduct to foster a greater sense of inclusion and community.

Do the current maintainers have capacity to manage this?

With LibreTime participating, we should look for local Hactoberfest events where it could be demod and hacked on. There many happening all over the world

Whose interested in participating?

@robbt Any thoughts on what types of issues to label Hacktoberfest and who/what we need to manage this?

I am not sure, I’ll see if I can try to triage any that might be easy, haven’t had much time to spend in LibreTime mode aside from corresponding and replying.

I’d like to help find participants once tasks are identified and labeled. If we need help w/ triage and managing I can try to find help on that end.

We might be able to get some help via participation in this Open Collective sponsored sustainer initiative referenced in this Twitter discussion -

Are the LibreTime maintainers interested?

I got a T-Shirt & Stickers last year and I’m hoping to do so this year again :tada: I’m pretty sure all of my relevant PRs last year where LibreTime PRs.

Active contributors to the LibreTime code-base absolutely qualify for the official Hacktoberfest hosted by DigitalOcean. Be sure to register there ASAP if you plan on opening some pull-requests for LibreTime this month. The threshold of 4 PRs is totally doable!

If you really get into Hacktoberfest you might want to peruse the swag list to see if you you can grab more swag by reaching other targets.

I’ll probably end up contributing to LibreTime during the DINAcon HACKnight this year. So if anyone is in Berne (Switzerland) on the 18. Oct, I’m available (and it will count as Hacktoberfest contribution).

In addition to doing outreach and trying to form cross-project collaborations in Open Collective, I’m hoping to bring together participants at Hacktoberfest in Los Angeles and here in Portland.

I’d like to start doing outreach once there are some issues identified and labeled. Do we need help with triage and managing this?

Looks like we’re going to try and schedule a Slack chat about the Open Collective sustainer initiative sometime this week. @robbt @hairmare @paddatrapper Is LibreTime interested in participating?

Sure, happy to. Depends on when during the week, but can make a plan

At this point we’re still trying to figure out the status of the initiative. I’m trying to direct collaborators into #sustainoss in Open Collective’s Slack

Next step for LibreTime maintainers would be to decide whether or not to participate as a pilot project if it was active. We could probably have that discussion in LibreTime chat