Libretime prefered OS & Cloudflare?

hello libretime community

finally got libretime running on Ubuntu 14.04, but reading a few threads in here, it seems its possible to install on ubuntu 16.04 aswell, so I will try again or is Debian the most preferred OS ?
Another question, I use Cloudflares free service on most of my sites and I would like to use it for libretime aswell, anyone in here setup cloudflare with libretime successfully ?

Thanks for this great piece of software !

Cloudflare for LibreTime makes little sense because LibreTime is not for the most part a front facing website. It is a backend website. The widgets etc could benefit from the sort of caching that happens but they are trivial. You can try cloudflare but I suspect it will be of minimal use and may cause issues.

The biggest concern is the amount of traffic the stream can provide. The best way to handle this if your primary server is bandwith limited is to use a separate server to host the icecast streaming located at a place with enough bandwidth to handle all projected listeners.

As far as OS goes, people have the most luck with Ubuntu 14.04 and 16.04, there are some issues with Debian currently that haven’t been fully diagnosed. The benefit to 16.04 vs 14.04 is the 14.04 is EOL in April 2019 vs. 4/2021 for 16.04

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I am using Cloudflare on azuracast , a web based radio management software like libretime, but less complex for 2 reasons, to protect ip addresses and servers against DDos attacks and for the free available SSL certs and not for caching at all :sunglasses:
I will go with Ubuntu 16.04 then,thanks

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You can configure iptables to mitigate DDOS attacks (also recommendable to configure fail2ban) and install a free Letsencrypt SSL cert on Ubuntu.

Thanks for the warm welcome @xabispacebiker but i know what i am doing do you ?


Absolutely, If you know what you are doing what is the point of your question ?