LibreTime and MusicBrainz

This podcast with Robert from MetaBrainz provides some great insight on how they sustain their OSS project(s)

The show concludes with Robert talking about where he wants to take MusicBrainz and MetaBrainz. His dream is to create more tools for an improved music listening experience. His hidden agenda is to get the small bands heard so that musicians can make more money, elevating the artists in the world to be able to earn a normal living. He hopes that by applying the concepts of open source to the music industry, it will be cleaned up and all musicians will get the exposure they deserve.

Seems like LibreTime could also provide a key piece to achieving this goal. Would be great if we could collaborate on integrations and also sustaining these projects and the indie music biz.

Yeah this is cool, thanks for sharing, it’d be great if we could provide a way of linking small bands and musicians with radio stations through open-source software.

Wonder if we could include the integration in a LibreTime MVP.