LibreTime and Drupal

How well could LibreTime integrate with Drupal? Perhaps there is a module/block that would support it?

Drupal is being used by many big media organizations as a CMS (Content Management System), for example the BBC.

There are already some Drupal integrations that might be examples of what LibreTime could do.

We’ve been discussing Drupal integration back when @robbt was still using AirTime for his station. I believe the Drupal station module would still be the point of integration. The problem up to this point with Drupal (and on a much smaller scale LibreTime) is it’s been difficult to find folks with time to develop and maintain a module.

My last comment in the discussion was spurred on after talking with @k054 about potentially funding development. More recently folks from LibreTime, AzuraCast, the WordPress Radio Station Plugin (LibreTime integration is already on their roadmap) and Drupal (including one of the founders of Acquia) have been gathering in OpenProducer’s community (which happens to be a channel we’ve set up in Open Collective’s Slack).

I’d recommend anyone interested in making it happen, join us there!

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Just FYI our OpenProducer platform was a last-minute addition to the FundOSS pilot. As the platform was originally rooted in Drupal, I’m seriously considering using the campaign as an opportunity to funnel funds into Drupal / LibreTime integration.

I don’t know if @LoudLemur was just proposing a feature or could also contribute. If we can onboard some interested contributors (individual contractors or agencies), I’d add Drupal to our fundraising call to action.

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I wouldn’t be able to contribute much beyond feature requests and offering some feedback, unfortunately.