Disable break off track

I am currently relatively new to LibreTime. And want to ask if there is a possibility that the song does not break off in the middle of the playlist / show change.

Okay, maybe I’ll phrase my question a little differently so I can get an answer.
I created an AutoDJ with playlists & smart blocks. And that works really well so far. Only when there is a playlist change does the current song stop immediately (usually in the middle of the song) and the new playlist begins to play.
My question now, is there any way that the song ends before the new / different playlist starts?

Checking the “Allow last track to exceed time limit” will allow LT to add tracks that meet the criteria until it equals or is longer than the time limit. I guess the more songs with different length and that same criteria the better chances you’ll get that is closer to the time, maybe just a bit of the end cut off so it’ll just be a fade to the show which is not bad.

Yes, I’ve already done that. But is there no other way that the song ends as it normally does and only then starts the new playlist?

So I think you are talking about the “show boundary” ie when it goes from a Show defined as 1PM to 2PM, if there is a track schedule to play at 1:58PM that is 3 minutes long it will get interrupted at 3PM by whatever is scheduled. There is currently no way to prevent this because LibreTime tries to enforce strict boundaries around different “Shows” on the Calendar.

One way around this is to make the shows longer, ie you can have a 6 hour or even 24 hour show. It’ll still have to “break” at some point. The purpose of shows is to separate the time of different shows and to differentiate content ie one DJ gets a show from 4-6PM and then you start a news show from 6-7PM. So the only real workaround are the suggestions @codenift makes.

You can also limit smartblocks to time remaining which will try to prevent autogenerated playlists that cut off tracks. This will limit the songs scheduled at the end to shorter songs but it will try to avoid cutting them off. There are a few different tricks that can be done also with an outro playlist of filler that can go on and be “limited to time remaining”.

I hope this helps a little bit in terms of understanding LibreTime.

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