IDEA: Create libretime VM and sharing in

Actually we have some problem to have a working station with libretime, but older stable releases can be useful a lot.

Not all people have the skill to solve all problems in order to have a libretime station running.
So the idea is to propose to expert developers, to share their testing virtualbox VM disk images for example in (or in gdrive) compresssed in .xz (50% off)

A virtualbox vdi disk cab be converter easly en a .img in order to flash it in a real machine.

I can help to add a systemd service to expand the principal partition to 100% in the first boot (like do raspberryOS), so the end user, can flash the image and use libretime in their radio station.

I hope that this is a good idea.

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I think that we can use a server edition (without desktop) for libretime, so the size of disk image can be little.
ubuntu server 22.04 can be usable?