How to transfer media files from one installation to another?

Is it possible to transfer the media files from one installation to another?

I can rsync 100GB of media files from one server to another - no problem. But, of course, they will not be in the media library.

Would this require the transfer of a database table as well?

Many thanks in advance.

Yes, you just have to keep the same paths for the transferred medias, then export/import the database, this way everything will be in the library, like in your previous installation.

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Thanks @Leekid - but I cannot transfer the database over as I posted here:

I am moving LT to a new server and new domain.

So is it possible to just transfer the database table related to the music files?

This is probably possible but it would take either some trial and error. It might be feasible just by exporting from your old instance and importing the cc_files into your new instance (as long as the files are in the same place).

I did the opposite where I copied the entire database and then tried to delete all of the files but found it extremely hard to pull off because of the way that LibreTime cascades the deletion of tracks to removing them from all past shows.

If you are just taking the cc_files table I suspect it would be easier but you’d need to test it. I’d setup the new instance and then rsync the files - take a backup of the database (for easy restore if it fails) and then try importing just the cc_files table and see if it populates your library correctly. There maybe other tables that are important to have but off the top of my head this should contain the brunt of the track data.