Bulk download existing library

Hello everyone !

I got a running on an ubuntu mate 18.04

I would like to bulk export all the tracks in my existing library. For example, when in daskboard > tracks, you can right click > download a track. But not more than one at a time (even when checking the boxes).

So, as i plan to start from a totally fresh install, i would like to download every tracks, store them, install my fresh and (i hope omg) clean ubuntu 20.04 with latest libretime, then, use the bulk import function as described in documentation.

Is there any way to do this ?

Thanks in advance for any help or advice.


I would suggest to keep your database. You could use the bulk import tool, but that’s more time consuming. Unless you really messed you tracks collections and want to flush this data too.

You can do the following:

  • shutdown the old libretime
  • backup you database and storage
  • flush (don’t drop) the tables that you consider should be cleaned
  • backup the database again
  • install a fresh libretime but don’t run the migrations
  • restore you trimmed database and storage on the new system
  • tweak the configuration file if needed
  • run the database migrations
  • start the new libretime and check that everything is working.

When flushing the database, I would assume you only want to keep the files/users, so you could flush every tables but them. If you plan to keep more data, be sure to understand the relationship between the different tables as some data might depends on other tables.



Thank a lot, that’s already a pretty solid direction that apparently will save me from headaches and save time.

I just would like to describe how my 1Tb is partitionned, if this would cause some problems.

So, i made a / with 150 Gb
a /home with 350Gb or so
and a /Live which is where my library lies, 500Gb

and a swap of of few Gb in case of.

so, if i get it, i can just format the / of 150Gb, install ubuntu and libretime (with the dues backup first!) and let my /Live as it is, just, when at the partitionning moment in installation, i keep it and tell installer “yep, it’s /Live and you don’t touch it”. I did it many times, but i would like to be sure it’s… well, some tricky way to keep / save the library.

I just would like to be sure that special structure will not cause problems.

Thanks a lot for your support.

Just in case you do ever want to export all your tracks, they’re stored in the repository (on my LibreTime installation) under /srv/airtime/stor/imported//…

However, if you’ve edited any track metadata in LibreTime, those edits are in the database only, not in the tracks in the repository.

It’s my intent to write a small script to bulk update the track metadata from info in the database. Perhaps that action could be part of the LibreTime track editing process, but configured as an option (either in the global settings, or as a checkbox “Update track metadata” on each edit screen. Or both)