File Upload Ownership

I have a station running for about 3 years on Libretime. So far it’s been good to us; however, we do have one issue that I’m hoping can be fixed relatively easily.

When a file gets uploaded it gets attached to the Owner (Uploader). That’s fine. The issue stems from the fact that now that file cannot be seen or used by anyone else until and unless the Owner is either a Admin or Program Manager. When assigned to a DJ level user, that music is not available to other DJs at the station until the Ownership is changed to an Admin or PM account.

Is there any way to make it so that no matter who the Owner of a file is, that it would be available for play by ALL accounts at the station?

If not, is there a patch that can be developed to enable this functionality?

Can this be added as a feature in the latest version coming out?

I don’t want any DJ to have changed security permissions, this is ONLY for when files are uploaded they are able to be seen and used by ALL personnel.

Thank you and I await your response.