LibreTime + Owncloud or Spotify

Can i connect some way OwnCloud to LibreTime? or something other way to create python or php file to add OwnCloud connection in LibreTime? I really wish use LibreTime, but i have 5071 songs and this all placed OwnCloud Server. What can i do. LibreTime only once software, that works Linux server and is web-based. Spotify intregration is too much i think? To this integration building in LibreTime is so hard work i think. If OwnCloud connection working, thats so good, really so good.

I am also interested in this possibility. I don’t know how it would work exactly without reworking the way the library is currently configured based upon a local file system. I was more curious about NextCloud which is a libre fork of OwnCloud but I believe there is a good amount of compatibility between their APIs.

So no there isn’t a simple solution in place and I’m not sure the best way to do it. Someone would need to study the owncloud/nextcloud API and determine the best way to read the files and integrate them into LibreTime. If you are interested in researching this and/or just imagining how it would work it might help whomever has the time or interest in making this happen.

As far as Spotify goes I don’t even know if this would be possible. I haven’t studied what spotify offers but I suspect they don’t provide you raw access to the underlying files but instead simply stream them over http. One could easily do a live show by playing music on spotify but I don’t think we could use them as a source for audio files.

Synology is a same thing…I have Synology NAS, but i don’t know how to use Synology in LibreTime. Synology create network based disk over address thats littlebit same like OwnCloud/NextCloud DAV access…Spotify solutions working on Mopidy extension like Iris. Using username, password, client api id and password what generated specific site. Maybe some guys know how to connect Synology to LibreTime

The key to using a library from OwnCloud would be re-implementing watched folder support. You could then use webdavfs or dav-fuse to mount the OwCloud folder in a location LibreTime can watch.

Adding Spotify is a whole different story. We would either want to implement playout of Spotity tracks or playlists in a fashion similar to how Streams are being played. Downloading them using something like spotify-dl and uploading them to LibreTime might work as well but is probably something we would not implement in LibreTime in the near future.

Yeah, but OwnCloud can also be used on NFS basis by creating a new mount disk which can be configured by LibreTime and should work. Most still use LibreTime on VPS or Raspberry Pi, with the likelihood that all music will fit on 16 or 32GB. In addition, many VPS services use only about 20GB of disk, some of which is consumed by the op system and some is over.

I am attempting an nfs mount as the stor folder. Bash & file managers can read and write to it. The folders are owned by www-data and even I made the whole thing 777 (for testing). Everything seems to be able to use it except Libretime. I suspect it’s something to do with Apache using an nfs mount. I do not have selinux installed. Zend is full of ‘file not found’ errors when accessing tracks. Apache logs are clean. Plodding on…

Abandoned that. It seems NFS & SSHFS does not notify the local kernel about file changes (as Libretime requires). I suspect the same will apply to other remote storage. Unless anyone knows a way?

Update. I did get it working finally with NFS version 4. v3 did not work.

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Assuming the process would be similar for Apple Music? Being able to access music libraries from streaming services seems like something stations and DJs would really value. Obviously not a core feature, but possibly something folks would fund to implement.