On demand audio streaming


I wonder if there is a way based on audio files Library stored in media folder to provide on demand audio streaming from libre time server ? The goal is to enable the followers to search and listen old musics that he has heard on our radio…?


I think there is a possibility of a guest login. I haven’t tested it but I think it is a read-only access to LibreTime. There is no default access point that doesn’t require at least a guest login.


Can you explain I’m not shure to have understood all of your purpose…
I woud like to provide on demande audio streamin service on ma webradio website based on audio files available in Libretime…


This isn’t currently offered by LT. People can login and listen to files with a guest login but it isn’t the same thing. The easiest way to offer on-demand playback would be to host them on a separate CMS at this point.


If you move the stor folder to inside webroot and you were using wordpress, joomla or ghost… i think this would possible using existing CMS plugins and a couple of postgres queries…