Cue in/cue out automatically generating random times

Describe the problem
When importing files (either the ones I’ve used previously in an older version of Airtime or new one that I’m creating, there is an CUE IN time being inserted…usually around 2 sec…but I have seen it at around 1:50…Also the CUE OUT times for all files have be modified by approx. 2sec as just about every file that I have in Libretime is being cut off early.
Steps to reproduce the behavior.

  1. Go to locate a file and import it…MP3 or MP4 (doesn’t matter)
  2. Click on Upload…once you see it’s properly in Libretime go and check the settings of the file.
  3. Scroll down to CUE IN/CUE OUT and more than likely you’ll see some randomly generated times and if you schedule this file it will cut out early.
  4. There is no error code associated w/this behavior as you just have to listen to each and every file. A workaround might be to add approx. 2secs to the end of all files but I have no way of knowing how to accomplish this task.

Thank you in advance for any help or assistance you can provide. :slight_smile:

LibreTime version

LibreTime version: 3.0.2

Operating system: Ubuntu Focal
Method:someone else helped me install it but I would guess it would be a script?