Done For You setup of a LibreTime server, for a donation

Anyone willing to bid on my request for a done-for-you service. I need LibreTime set up on my Linode virtual machine. I can share whatever access passwords you need to the machine so you can set it all up. I have tried and failed to get the LiquidSoap package to work with the output stream.

I am hoping to use it to stream to an rtmps endpoint (telegram live chat to be specific).

This type of service would be very useful for those of us who cant squash all the bugs. I need help, LOL.

A really good way for this to happen would be for someone to sign up for Fiverr and publish a gig on there for setup of LibreTime on a virtual machine of the consumer’s choice.

send me a bid. I"ll make a donation to wherever you want it :slight_smile: