Custom liquidsoap

Is there a place where we can add our own custom liquidsoap config, which has access to a main audio out object?

I’d like to automatically send output via stereo tool for compression etc, but without hacking away at core files so that my installation is ‘upgrade friendly’

Not really at this point - here is the feature request issue on the Github repo -

I have plan to work on that feature soonish since I might need it so to execute some callbacks to the new audio routing systems we are currently starting to use. The extension feature will mostly aimed at devs. Maybe we should consider deeper sterotool integration out of the box, it does seem to have quite some users.

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Once we have a ‘safe’ place to add custom liquidsoap stuff that won’t get tocuhed during upgrades etc, and also the newer version of liquidsoap that supports piped input and output (I forget exactly which version), it should just be a one liner to add stereotool command line integration. We could initially populate this custom file with a few commented out examples to help people along with common integrations…