Hardware Configuration

I have two Audio Science ASI6044 cards installed to an Ubuntu 20.04 server. This gives me 16 mono channels out, or 8 stereo channels. How can I configure the LibreTime to use a specific output? (I have installed the official driver from AudioScience, which recommends ALSA. I can only select output type in the settings page.) Note that I’m not afraid of tweaking database entries, config settings, etc.

So maybe a good starting point might be; what is the mechanism that outputs audio to the hardware device? Is that liquidsoap?

Currently the system outputs configuration are really basic, and does not provide any options.

I expect this to change once we merged feat: use file based stream configuration by jooola · Pull Request #1986 · libretime/libretime · GitHub which should allow to add options more easily.
This is for no power users though.

You could dig into the liquidsoap scripts and add you own output by hand.