Apache2 config with Plesk

I just wanted to install Libretime. However, that Libretime does not make the default Config.
Because I want to do this with Plesk and Libretime destroys Plesk with this.

Here’s what my config looks like in Plesk:

However, the page now looks like this:

Someone who can help me?

LibreTime isn’t a typical piece of PHP software that can be installed on a shared hosting. It requires root access and will overwrite any other setups. Basically because of the near infinite number of potential setups the only one we officially offer support for ie we try to get it working by default with the install script is a stand-alone box dedicated to LibreTime. This could be a VPS or it could be a virtual machine or actual bare hardware. Some people are working on getting docker to work which will in theory make setup easier but still require root access etc. Plesk isn’t really compatible with this approach without a lot of modification. I’d recommend against trying to install LibreTime on a server that you are also running Plesk to host other websites on. Or if you want to try to do this you will need to have a pretty good understanding of system administration and configuration, the sort of thing that Plesk tends to hide from the end-user.