Anyone here actually got a remote stor working? [solved]

If so I would be grateful for any pointers. I tried NFS and sshfs. sshfs errored less, but the zend log says in cannot find the media file. I can see it in all my tools.
Permission on remote are www-data 777
Both killed the airtime main pages. I tracked it down to size of storage was reporting 0 (divide by zero error).
I commented out that bit of the file and it woke up, but did not work.
Zend log says a file not found error.
Thunar can see it as a non-root user
All input welcome.

It seems it will not work because the LT notify system cannot use an NFS or SSHFS file system which do not send notify signals to the kernel about file changes.

Well, I am glad to say I was wrong. I did get it working finally with NFS v4. v3 did not work.

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