Oops! Something went wrong!

I’m having a problem and our station has been down for a day & a half. I’m wondering if anyone here could help me out. We’ve used Libretime for a long time and never this type of problem. No error number and I can’t login to the administration

First off did you do any upgrades etc before this happened ?

Second look in /var/log/airtime/zendphp.log and see the error and that is what we need to figure out. There should be an error if you see this message.

No updates we done before this happened it just started doing this

Well you need to access the log via the command line (or file explorer if this is a local machine) and check out /var/log/airtime/zend-php.log

A command you can type in is
tail -n 200 /var/log/airtime/zend-php.log
This will show you the last 200 lines of the log and hopefully will contain whatever error is triggering this problem. If you share the error then we can share some possible solutions and figure out what started to go wrong.