Album Art using ID3 for Libretime

Hi, some time is gone and we made new test with the last Libretime-Master using Xubuntu 16.04.
Most things are working very fine and cover-art pictures are giving nice look.
Playing playliste we have a big problem that the change from one to the next song is not clean. It jumps to the next title before the playing song is finished.
In this kind we can not use Libretime now.
Is there a way to resolve this problem ?

Are you saying that you are listening to the stream and is not 100% in sync to what you see in the Libretime panel or get using API? How are you using LT, streaming to the world or just testing locally?

No, it is in testing locally, but sound and action of actual playing track is synchronize. I could see in the panel the actual playing track jumping to the next track before the track is really finished and heard same jumping on the local mp3 output-stream, like on Internet streaming too. We don’t moved any track in the actual playing playlist. It seams that the exit point for the tracks is too sharp before the real end of the track. I tried setting the Fade In and Fade Out to 0. I can make more test with shorter playlists and new tracks next Friday.
Actually I am in Germany and not at my home in France.

I haven’t noticed anything like that if paying attention to just the panel, but the action in data being shown is not always going to be exactly in sync with the audio, so if you’re listening to that stream via the internet then you have to take in consideration buffering, latency, transcoding, ISP, routers, ect… it’s not going to be 100% in sync with what’s going on in Libretime, regardless the application or service you use. But it’s not like you’re going to have both open at the same time and expect to be the same. By the time it gets to you, it takes away some time. Testing the stream locally, I doubt you will see much of it. But that’s just the way it’s been with live streaming to the internet (music or video). it’s not like playing audio in demand where you already know that data is there. If I do notice too much latency then I’ll probably just do maintenance every week like doing a restart to Icecast, but I honestly haven’t had any issues with LT like that, and latency is not really noticeable.

As far as the tracks still playing inside LT even though the time shows it ended on some tracks, then that’s something else. It was happening to me when I first started using LT, so it’s always been there. You’re saying like when the track time starts saying " -00:00:05 " for example, right? Instead of ending after 00:00:00. Seems like something on the LiquidSoap side of things. Not sure if it has something to do with the way some tracks are encoded. I know I started using tracks from just one source and seem to go away. Should be something to look into.

Thank you, we will look around this to get more information about what will do this jumping to the next title before the playing title is finished. Hearing in Track preview the title is played to the end.

Hello Codenift,
Recently, I took the time to see why many of the music files were cut too early. Sometimes they are cut off in the middle of the music. In fact, the recorded Fade Out point of each file is automatically written during the import process. This is important to know, as this can be a big problem if someone tries to import many audio files at the same time, without checking every fade-out point. The fade in is good for the most of time. In this case, I advise everyone when importing the audio files to pay particular attention to the fade-out point. Maybe it’s also a sign that something is wrong with the quality of the audio-file. I will go deeper in this matter. Best regards…

It is also possible that you are running into the issue with Silan - see

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Thank you for this hint. It is actually version 3.2.0 that was installed with Ubuntu 16.04. I will see how I can install the correct version. Otherwise I’m completely enthusiastic about Libretime. It is easy to use, simple and clear. Have many thanks for this nice broadcast tool !

Thank you very much.That’s exactly what it was, silane 0.3.2 caused this problem. After spending some time for search how to get silan 0.3.3 into my Xubuntu 16.04 i found this solution.
In the silan folder we can find what we need. For me it was the
Many thanks to hairmare.
Now the cue in and cue out points are set as well as possible during the file import.

Problem about too early cue out audio files is resolved. It was the bad silan 0.3.2 version. Now all is right with silan/xUbuntu_16.04/amd64/silan_0.3.3~nmu1_amd64.deb installed. The most of all imported audio files have a good cue in and cue out point.

Hi, now I’m coming back to artwork project.
I can find the artwork folder with 32, 64, 128, 256 and 512 pixel images in the stor folder.
In Europe we are changing broadcast systems and in the most of our countries DAB service will get more important. In the DAB we can broadcast pictures or slight shows with the audio programs. Your project to store the pictures in artwork folder is very helpful for us.
Now I have to find how can we get the information which file will be the next actual in the program to add the next artwork jepeg file in association with the next playing audio file.
We got also to make multi-band audio processing with the newest ffmpeg and aac+ DAB encoding using the 320 kb/s stream 1 output.
It would be wonderful when Artwork comes to the new version of LibreTime 3.0.0~alpha.8-XX]
We will get a Happy New Year 2020

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