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Welcome to the forum for LibreTime - a free software project providing a web-based radio station automation system. We are building on the codebase of Airtime by SourceFabric as a community ran fork. This forum is a place for you to ask questions and get technical support from the community.

This forum was created so that people who are new to LibreTime can post in a less formal capacity than opening up a issue on Github. So if you have a question about LibreTime or run into any issues trying to install it feel free to post here and we will help you figure out what went wrong. Also if you just have a question about how to do something in LibreTime feel free to post that as well.


Por error cerré la sesión en la plataforma y ahora me.pide un usuario y contraseña para poder ingresar ¿Cómo puedo recuperar estos datos??