Video Tutorials? Need someone to Screencast them?

Don’t take this the wrong way, but, I noticed the existing screencast tutorials can be a bit hard to follow along with. I totally understand that these are all being done by volunteers, so I’m not knocking on the gentleman’s work. However, I am noticing that his mode of speech is a bit difficult to understand, and some elements he walks through are not explained as well as they could be, or sometimes glossed over.

I do have a background in creating such Screencasts, and plus I have a decent condenser mic, with some background in sound processing to get rid of background noises, bring prominence to the vocal track, and I’m decent at video editing. Plus, I think putting together a script might help in order to make sure all the important points are hit, so information isn’t left out. Maybe we can put something together?

Also, from a branding standpoint, it looks iffy, because I noticed the logo on this site is different than the one on the YouTube channel.

Personally I’d like to help enable production of tutorials and guides similar to this platform

Some of which could be included in the scope of a beta or similar program.

Hey Togar yeah the tutorials could definitely be improved. Also good point on updating the Logo from a branding perspective. I’m the one who recorded the screencast tutorials and I’m definitely open to feedback on how it could be improved, if you wanted to re-record any of them or rewrite the script we’d be happy to add it to the site and/or even replace a specific tutorial. Let me know, I should have the scripts that I put together as well.

I updated the branding with the new logo, the previous one on this forum was something I just threw together whereas this one was designed by a volunteer who just showed up and likes designing logos and was adopted as our official logo.

Uh oh! * ducks * Hope I didn’t come off as too harsh or critical. :slight_smile: … SPEAK UP!!! :grimacing: We want to hear your beautiful voice. Imagine… it’s a lion… j/k

Naw, but seriously, if you would like to work together on this, I would be honored! I do feel it’s necessary to collaborate because good tutorials are vital. They’re like built-in marketing campaigns. I’ll PM you on this.