Using Spotify,, and/or musicbrainz

Hey…I’m about to head down the rabbit hole of creating a bunch of scripts to automate the look-up of isrcs, genres, beats per minute, song keys, and any other relevant data so that I can build cool smart blocks and also make royalty reporting a bit easier. I just thought I would ask here if someone has already been down that road.

I’ll share any of my scripts that are worthwhile here. Thanks!

not sure if having various requests to Libretime would be a good idea for importing, it’s something I think they could have done easily already… plus u never know what limits the APIs have, so if importing hundreds of songs at once… this application seems more standalone. Sometimes Spotify don’t even get the info correct, at least here you can correct it. I pretty sure it had BPM or being worked on, but it should be the application that generates it instead of having an external request for just bpm. as far as song key, I don’t think it’s even necessary with this application.

To clarify, my scripts would run outside of Libre Time entirely and would update the database directly. They would run against existing tracks in the database and not as part of the real-time file-import process.
I would be pulling ISRCs from Spotify. What evidence do you have that they get ISRCs wrong?