Unable to play sound files after upgrading to libretime

I was using an installation of airtime, then upgraded to LibreTime and everything looks to be working perfectly except my old tracks as unable to play them (no sound) and all playlists are not working. Tried to upload some mp3 files for testing and they’re playing normally. Please let me know if you had same issue and how you resolved

Hello ! It seems you have the same problem we had (when upgrading from airtime to libretime); problem is solved, have a look at this thread : [SOLVED]Files imported from previous Airtime 2.5 don't play/play blank

I found what was the problem after reviewing DB records. The issue that I defined wrong path for music files after upgrade and I have used the perl script on post to change table and update with correct path.

Hmm, would either of you be interested in opening up a bug/issue about this on github/libretime/libretime ? Would love to document this and get someone to code a fix.