Stream type and Traktor question

Hey fellow people,

As for now my stream type output is mp3 as when i installed LibreTime i had to set it from OGG to MP3 in order for the music to stream from library etc ( this is what i saw on this discourse i am not sure if you have worked on it to enable ogg )

However, i want to livestream through traktor, is it now possible to set stream type OGG and to work?

So OGG should work but it is totally possible that it isn’t working in some certain configuration. You would need to test it. I am not familiar with Traktor and how you can set up LibreTime to connect to it. Does Traktor support the Icecast protocol ? If so you should in theory be able to connect it to LibreTime. Otherwise you would need an output that can connect.

Yes it does, maybe because my ubuntu is not latest and my libretime is not upgraded to latest?

Does OGG work from long time ago or there was release in between?

Ogg should always work. If it isn’t working for someone then there is probably an issue with their configuration. If something has broken OGG in later versions we should open up a issue and resolve it, but as far as I know the issue where it wasn’t working was just an individuals configuration.