Stream analytics issues-listener stats

Installed libretime 3.1.0 on linux 20.04 lts using docker method of installation.

  1. Found it hard to get other stream format working. That is acc, mp3 and opus. Initially want ogg stream 1, acc on stream 2, mp3 on stream 3 and opus on stream 4. Does not work. Only ogg works well with all three streams at different bitrate. Other areas greyed out cannot change bit rate settings via setting it has to be in config file for it to display. Does not give options either custom stream data input.

Haven tried severally got only 3 streams to work. All in ogg. However, on the analytics page, previous attempts mount points colour codings are still present though not using them or not functional.

On the listener stats filter area, there are errors as see in picture. Error message for streams 1-3 says “please make sure admin user/password is correct on settings-stream page”.

I am not sure how to reproduce this but please see the error message on the listener stat filter area below.

I would expect it to have just active streams and with a drop down menu to see each stream stats or follow along colour code.

  1. Need fix or suggestions on directory to remove color code associated with streams previously created but not working.
  2. How can I get rid of the listener stat error message on the filter area for stream 1-3 or it is something not to worry about?