[Solved] Output.shoutcast not defined in fresh Debian 9 server

I just installed a new Libretime 3.0.0-alpha.3 on a Debian 9 server and after all the procedure liquidsoap seems to fail. This is the error log I get:

Dec 19 11:20:34 sd-68179 airtime-liquidsoap[20365]: At /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/airtime_playout-1.0-py2.7.egg/liquidsoap/ls_lib.liq, line 178, char 39:
Dec 19 11:20:34 sd-68179 airtime-liquidsoap[20365]:   the variable output.shoutcast used here has not been previously defined.

Any clues on this?

Apparently there is a missing package. I think it should be included in the libretime installation. After

apt-get install liquidsoap-plugin-icecast

I start getting another error:

Dec 19 12:04:20 sd-68179 airtime-liquidsoap[28404]: Invalid value at /usr/local/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/airtime_playout-1.0-py2.7.egg/liquidsoap/ogg.liq, line 25, char 42-75:
Dec 19 12:04:20 sd-68179 airtime-liquidsoap[28404]: No encoder found for that format.

Then I did

apt-get install liquidsoap-plugin-ogg

And the system seems to work now.

To make sure I get all formats support I also did, but this is not related to this issue:

apt-get install liquidsoap-plugin-all liquidsoap-plugin-alsa liquidsoap-plugin-ao liquidsoap-plugin-camlimages liquidsoap-plugin-dssi liquidsoap-plugin-faad liquidsoap-plugin-flac liquidsoap-plugin-frei0r liquidsoap-plugin-gavl liquidsoap-plugin-gd liquidsoap-plugin-graphics liquidsoap-plugin-gstreamer liquidsoap-plugin-icecast liquidsoap-plugin-jack liquidsoap-plugin-ladspa liquidsoap-plugin-lame liquidsoap-plugin-lastfm liquidsoap-plugin-lo liquidsoap-plugin-mad liquidsoap-plugin-ogg liquidsoap-plugin-opus liquidsoap-plugin-oss liquidsoap-plugin-portaudio liquidsoap-plugin-pulseaudio liquidsoap-plugin-samplerate liquidsoap-plugin-sdl liquidsoap-plugin-shine liquidsoap-plugin-soundtouch liquidsoap-plugin-speex liquidsoap-plugin-taglib liquidsoap-plugin-theora liquidsoap-plugin-voaacenc liquidsoap-plugin-vorbis liquidsoap-plugin-xmlplaylist