[SOLVED] LibreTime fails to install on KDE neon

Detected distribution description: KDE neon user edition 5.20
Error: distribution is not supported 

This shouldn’t happen, as KDE neon is based on Ubuntu 20.04.1 LTS.

How can we get it to install? This same problem might also occur for other Ubuntu variants, like Lubuntu, Mint, etc.

You might be able to get it installing if you hack install.sh. In the long-run, I guess .deb files would be an install approach that isn’t tied to a specific .deb distro.

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One easy and safe way to make an application like LibreTime a cinch to deploy is by supporting it on Sandstorm:

An AppImage would be helpful for feedback from a uniform environment:

You can set distribution and release when invoking the script:

sudo ./install -fiap --distribution=ubuntu --release=xenial

Though 20.04 is not currently supported, so KDE Neon is not supported. The issue is tracked here: https://github.com/LibreTime/libretime/issues/1109

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Thanks very much for the help. This looks like a well written piece of software. I shall mark the problem as solved.