[Solved] - Cannot login after xenial security update

On a client’s machine just now.
This machine is running LT alpha 8.

I hope this is an isolated incident.
The update seemed to be a security update to auto installing security updates.
Ubuntu Xenial PHP 7.2 fpm

I get the Oops! Page - which reports a 500 internal error

Reboot does not fix it.

Nothing in /var/log/apache2/error.log
Nothing in kernel logs

PHP is set to display and log errors to /var/log/apache2/error.log
Does the Oops page swallow the error as it does not show up anywhere? If so, can we/I stop that?

PS. The station is playing out normally.

I just found this in zend.log

2019-11-08T07:01:26+00:00 ERR (3): XXXXXX.COM [ErrorController.php:54 - errorAction()] - An internal application error has occurred.: PDOException: SQLSTATE[42703]: Undefined column: 7 ERROR: column “attempts” does not exist
LINE 1: UPDATE cc_login_attempts SET attempts=attempts+1 WHERE ip= $…
^ in /usr/share/airtime/php/airtime_mvc/application/common/Database.php:24

After adding a field of type int2 called attempts to cc_login_attempts - it allowed me to login.


PS. Just for dev info.

For my sins, I got to manage this server again.
I guess one of the LT install/update scripts did not add that field or it failed.
Very odd that this just showed up. Maybe it was the first time a wrong p/w was entered?

This server was migrated from [“3.0.0-alpha.8”,“3.0.0-alpha.7”,“3.0.0-alpha.6”,“3.0.0-alpha.5”,“3.0.0-alpha.4”,“3.0.0-alpha.3”,“3.0.0-alpha.2”,“3.0.0-alpha.1”,“3.0.0-alpha”]

Can I add more about what and where?

That error is weird - the SQL query was added 7 years ago in legacy Airtime upstream (here and we haven’t made any changes since. It also is not mentioned in any database migration script applied in the current stack of migrations.