Smart block 'Uploaded' field filtering

Hi all: I want to create a smart block that plays only recent tracks (news episodes created within the last week).

In “Search Criteria” I select “Uploaded”; the conditions for “Before”, “After”, “Between”, “Is”, and “Is not” are pretty self-explanatory (the values are datetimes), but how do “Is greater than”, “Is less than”, “Is in the range” work? What are the values?

I’d like to do something like “‘Uploaded’ is less than ‘8 days’”, how do I enter that?


I’m not sure that this is possible, I can’t recall whether relative dates are permitted or if it just takes static dates. I haven’t followed the latest development to know if this section has been replaced but it was working with

Setting ‘Uploaded’ after 192 hours ago’ should work. This will only grab files that have been uploaded to Libretime in the last 8 days. No idea how the ‘less than’ is meant to function, perhaps it could be useful for constraining a date range and not just a time range.