Recording live shows

Is there any scope to add a facility to record live shows in the future? For me this would be all thats missing from some really great software. Thanks guys


Here is where you can start

It works for me…

Those documents show how to record at the point of origination (which is what most of the DJs use at my station).

If you wanted to develop an automated recording of the stream then I’d suggest looking into scripting the use of StreamRipper ( - it isn’t under active development but it can be used along with cron to download mp3s. @leonardpg might have some more tips and/or code to share in this regard. I have yet to code this up myself although there has been some interest in this from people at my station.

We use roles/log/files/record.j2 · master · UCT Radio / configuration-management · GitLab to log all output to disk. Along with roles/log/files/delete-old.j2 · master · UCT Radio / configuration-management · GitLab to delete files from the previous year. They are run via cron. If you are familiar with ansible, the log role in that repo can get you set up with some tweaks

@leejames Here’s what @robbt was referring to. I installed streamripper on an Ubuntu instance (actually a different server than the one running Libre Time) and then I wrote a shell script called and dropped it in /usr/bin:


date=date +"%Y_%a_%b_%d_%H%M%P"


cd $output_dir

streamripper $url -d $output_dir -l $duration -a $output_filename -A --codeset-filesys=iso-8859-1 --codeset-id3=iso-8859-1 --codeset-metadata=iso-8859-1

Then I call the script from crontabs as follows:
30 20 * * 2 /usr/bin/ 3600
This example would run streamripper for 3600 seconds (one hour) at 8:30 p.m. on Tuesday and save the file to the web directory where I tell my show producers they can find their shows. Nice thing is streamripper also drops a .cue sheet for the show, so djs can take the mp3 and .cue over to mixcloud and upload them and have a ready-made playlist.