Rabbitmq user missing

I have been trying to figure out why I get “oops” error messages when going to “status” page or trying to save settings in the settings page. This appears to have hapopened after Digital Ocean upgraded my dropplet to larger size.

Well, I tried to change the password for airtime user in rabbitmq and it gives me a message that there is no user “airtime”.

How do I add the user back? I think this may have something to do with my upload issue as well.

From the install file
rabbitmqctl list_vhosts | grep -w “^${RABBITMQ_VHOST}$” > /dev/null
verbose "\n * Creating RabbitMQ user ${RABBITMQ_USER}…"
rabbitmqctl add_vhost ${RABBITMQ_VHOST}
rabbitmqctl add_user ${RABBITMQ_USER} ${RABBITMQ_PASSWORD}
verbose "\nRabbitMQ user already exists, skipping creation"
verbose “\n * Setting RabbitMQ user permissions…”
#loudCmd "rabbitmqctl set_permissions -p ${RABBITMQ_VHOST} ${RABBITMQ_USER} “$EXCHANGES” “$EXCHANGES” “$EXCHANGES”"
loudCmd “rabbitmqctl set_permissions -p ${RABBITMQ_VHOST} ${RABBITMQ_USER} .* .* .*”

I was able to fix the user issue, created the rabbitmq user “airtime” and added the vhost “airtime” as well.
rabbitmq server now starts with no errors.
“Status” page still gives the oops error, can’t save the stream page…

Uploaded files can’t get processed… nothing the int he analyzer log.

Hmm is airtime analyzer actually running ? It should be logging it’s startup etc. I suspect there is anissue with analyzer at this point. I can’t recall the exact command off the top of my head but it should be possible to try to manually launch analyzer from the command line and directly get feedback.

Well, I restarted the server, and ran through restarting all services just to make sure, they all restart with no issue, just odd!

Just because the service started doesn’t mean it didn’t crash right away. Can you do the command
ps aux | grep ‘airtime_analyzer’ and see if it shows a process running.

This is all it says…

Then I think it’s crashing try running sudo airtime_analyzer and see what happens.

Yep…your are correct, it can’t connect to message queue.

These are the ports that I have open…

Ok so something is up with rabbitmq still. Maybe check the password etc and make sure it’s the same as in your config.

I am determined to figure this out…

Do you know if the list of echanges is correct or is there one missing?

Well, I am still trying to figure this out… I believe the issue maybe in the rabbitmq config file, specifically the HOSTNAME in the config file. Problem, there is no config file at /etc/rabbitmq/ ? Could it be somewhere else?

((((( I found the problem, don’t know how to fix )))))

So, I decided to start up a $5 droplet and do some testing, I installed Debian 9.3 but there is an issue still with uploading MP3 files. So I installed Debian 8.10 (Jessie) since it is the same as my production unit. Ran through the entire install, perfect, all works. Uploads work, ogg and mp3! I changed the Dropplet name, which also changes the host name in the droplet. Once I did that, the uploading fails! If I change the name back to original, uploads function again!

So, two things;

  • One, be sure to chose a host name for your server and change it prior to installing RabbitMQ-Server!
  • Second, where can I find the file the contains the rabbitmq settings? There is nothing in /etc/rabbitmq !

I have scoured through RabbitMQ 's site to no avail! I hate it when the man pages discuss files but never disclose where they are!

Hmm, I think the hostname might be the one under /etc/airtime/airtime.conf - I think there is a rabbitmq host in there.

Yes, I figured the whole thing out, I am going to create a new thread explaining what I found out, so that it is not buried in threads the newbies will not see.