Poor audio quality on broadcast

I am struggling to understand why I am suffering from a significant disparity between the quality of the audio that I hear within Libretime and the audio that I hear on broadcast. The broadcast version is “tinny” whilst the same file in LibreTime sound lush. I have set the streaming bitrate to be the same as the original files but the disparity continues be it on desktop browsers or android. Any idea where this could be coming from?
Many thanks

I suspect it is the transcoding that happens when converting it into an icecast feed. What bit rates are you using ?

192 on the file and the streaming setting

It seems that the file I was listening to was not sure what sample rate it was in. Vlc saw it as 32khz and audacity 41khz. I could not hear the issue in either player but the broadcast transcoding brought the issue to the surface.
I imported the audacity master wav into davinci Fairlight recompressedw9rks gre and limited the file and forced 41khz at export and the new mp3 works as expected.

This was my first time using audacity. I can confirm that audacity is an efficient audio sample editing tool and not an audio mastering tool. A seemingly subtle difference that caught me out.
For those in linux centos land who looking for a free audio editing/ mixing software , you might consider Davinci resolve as it has the legendary Fairlight software plus loads of excellent plug ins.

Thanks for your reply