Playout volume to low and MP3 files sometimes not playing on the stream

Hello fellow Libretime users.

A) Since upgrading to 3.1.0. we noticed that the playout volume is lower than before.
Changing the replay gain modifier doesn’t seem to work

Is there something that i can check? logs?

B) Some mp3 files don’t play on “the radio” but when i listen to them (using the loudspeaker icon next to the song) it plays normaly.
Which logs can i check?

Kind regards,

Hi, regarding “A” I think we are also experiencing lower volumes, though I’m not 100% sure :stuck_out_tongue:
I’ve tried deactivating, activating the Replay Gain and changing the gain amount but didn´t notice any changes.

Did we stumble upon a bug?

Anyone? Is there someone out there who can answer this question?

Hello, excuse my English, I am French, I notice the same problem of the audio gain level being too low despite the slider at +8db. version 3.2.0. do you have a fix? Thank you for your support and software.

I will open a bug report on this since nobody seems to answer.