Options for live streaming (audio & video) to multiple platforms

Picking up on this chat about options for live streaming to multiple platforms.

Are any LibreTimers using Mixcloud to go live? If yes, are you streaming to your website and other services (Twitch.tv, YouTube, Facebook, etc) at the same time? If yes to that, how are you doing it and what are you using?

@paddatrapper mentioned you could potentially do this with OBS studio and a custom ffmpeg command.

The only issue with using ffmpeg to stream to LibreTime is that liquidsoap uses icecast v1 (sometimes called legacy), so needs an extra flag to get streaming working. Not sure if that has been fixed upstream yet or not

…and it looks like there’s related tutorial on the topic - Might have found the answer - OBS Studio: Stream to multiple platforms or channels at once | OBS Forums

I was asking in AzuraCast chat about supporting this type of thing - this is what their lead dev said -

we’ve found that the ffmpeg video stream running separate to azuracast is actually a little on the unstable side we’re looking into how to actually tie this straight into Liquidsoap so it controls both it’ll likely involve us having to build a second version of our radio container that has the full ffmpeg binary included, which tacks on about a 400MB size penalty

They also have this GitHub - AzuraCast/radio-video-stream: An example script that can be attached to AzuraCast and will allow you to stream your radio (alongside a video loop) to YouTube, etc.

Would a similar type of multistreaming integration/support for LibreTime be valuable to stations and users?

Quick followup on Azuracast. They built their AutoDJ feature on top of Liquidsoap so that’s what they’d extend to support FFmpeg video streams.

Possibly some inspiration for LibreTime?