OpenCollective to help sustain the project and community


The following excerpts from an ongoing conversation with the same folks behind this complimentary initiative should further illustrate the potential benefits of creating an Open Collective for LibreTime…

Open Collective provides a platform and community that would enable LibreTime to increase contributions and grow it’s community by collaborating with complimentary OSS projects, nonprofit organizations, and funded initiatives.

If we can table the issue of needing a clear policy before considering paying developers (again - that would be a next step - we’d create a github issue), are there valid reasons why we wouldn’t want Open Collective as a tool to enable collaboration and community?

I would be happy to run point as the community liaison/outreach type.


The following webinar provides a great amount of information about OpenCollective and how other OSS projects and communities are using to help sustain and facilitate collaboration. Possibly there enough here to alleviate concerns that have prevented maintainers from wanting to create a collective for LibreTime.