Metadata expansion in stream

I’m using artist/title to be embedded into the stream to services.
I would like however to expand this to artist/title@album.
Does anybody know how this can be done.
All the info is available in the DB, does it should be possible.

Doing this helps us to provide artist and album information on our website with links to artist information and album purchases, album art etc. etc.
as we have all the album information on the server, but because song names might have duplicates, it is relevant to provide the album title.

Previously we had this ability on Rivendell but because of the easier end user dj/producer interface Libretime is much more preferred.
This however would help us tremendously.

This could certainly be done but it would require modifying some of the code. I know there is at least one feature request related to stream labeling on GitHub but I don’t think anyone has stepped up to code it yet. The liquidsoap pypo bridge in airtime-playout is probably where the metadata the stream itself originates.

Cool, hopefully someone will take it on.
When we are talking shell scripts I can get it done, and I also dabbled some in php.
Beside being a pastor, i’m a build manager from the old school.
If somebody can link this topic with the feature request in GitHub, maybe it can be figured out on how to do it.

Thanks for the Reply,


Here is the discussion I was referring too - - there isn’t a lot there but it does link to the liquidsoap code that should handle this. I don’t have the time to dig into this right now but perhaps in the future.