Liquidsoap old version

I just installed LibreTime on Debian 10 and realize that Liquidsoap is an old version. Is it possible to upgrade it, or is it planned to implement newer version in future releases ??

Btw-it works fine s far on Debian 10 Buster

Liquidsoap compatibility can be a struggle. I wouldn’t worry about upgrading if it is working for you. We don’t utilize any of the new features that are in the newer versions. At some point we plan on getting things working with the latest versions of liquidsoap but that isn’t a top priority at this point.

@agent003 how old is your LibreTime? As far as I can tell if your are on a liquidosap >1.1.1 updating is safe for the time being. This might change with 1.4.x which I have not tested yet.

@hairmare works on Debian, but need to tweak some new features, like inserting a jingle/stationID after XX songs or specific time, manually.

support for liquidsoap 1.4 in pypo (our playout engine which is part python and part liquidsoap) recently landed in the repo but is not in a release yet: