Cloudflare and icecast

Iv been bashing my head against the wall trying to get this to work and was hoping someone might be able to assist.

We host libretime from our studio location through a gigabit connection. We use cloudflare for our DNS and for security.

I have cloudflares origin SSL cert set up for the web interface with nginx for the libretime web interface and it works fine. When we try and set up the origin cert through icecast to ssl stream. It works locally, but will not work through cloudflare.

We want the reverse proxy ability of cloudflare as it hides our IP, which is also used to host our main website.

Im thinking I may have to split the libretime server and website (wordpress) into two servers on different IP addresses, proxy the main site through cloudflare and just set up the other with letsencrypt, UFW and fail2ban.

Is libretime compatible with cloudflare? or is it better to just bypass it.