LIbretime migration from old computer to new

Hello, we’re a volunteer student radio based in Gothenburg, Sweden and we’ve been using Libretime without any issues for our FM & Webradio broadcasting for many years now. Since the existing computer is old and has been constantly crashing, we invested in a new computer and wish to reinstall the system on this. However we have been experiencing a lot of issues.

After the installation of Ubuntu and LibreTime we have been trying to copy all the settings from the old computer, but we can not change or save any settings. For instance the time zone is wrong. When we add changes and press “save” we are redirected to a page that says: “Ooops! Something went wrong”.

We also have issues connecting one of the streams that we are using. Maybe due to the above issue.

Is there any guidance we could get? We would be very tankful for some help. You can reach us on

Check out the zendphp.log file under /var/log/airtime for more insight into what is causing the issue.

Also there have been some bugs associated with the latest version of LibreTime where we replaced the API with a python based one and we have been fixing them. An older alpha release like .8 might be more stable.

Thank you for the reply. We reinstalled LibreTime and that helped. But now we have issues with connecting to the stream. We get this message that says:

"Can not connect to the streaming server

could not write data to host: Connection refused in write()"

When we first set it up the stream, it connected, but after a restart of the computer it can no longer connect.

All our status reports have green checks.

Between it working and the restart the only changes we did was change the password for the admin account from admin/admin to something safer and change the Port Forwarding adress in our router so that LibreTime could be accessed remotley. After that everything worked fine until we restarted the computer.

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